Judy and Paul Faletti

Love, Hope, and Compassion

A few clients who entered treatment in the early days became a part of the history of Skyland Trail. One of our first clients expressed a desire to grow collard greens, and efforts to meet that therapeutic need launched our horticultural therapy program, a well-loved component of our whole person treatment program today.

Many early clients remained involved in the Skyland Trail community for years, continuing to both receive and give support and shape our story. One of those clients was Sally. Sally’s family – her brother, Paul, and sister-in-law, Judy, continue to support Skyland Trail through their charitable giving today as a grateful family.

Paul and Judy Faletti, a grateful family

Skyland Trail helped Sally and our family so much that we continue to support them through charitable giving.

Sally, who dealt with schizophrenia, came to Skyland Trail in 1998, when long-term residential psychiatric treatment options in Atlanta were few and far between. Known for her quick wit and charming personality, Sally was an incredible artist. Paintings, drawings, ceramics, and many more items that Sally created during her time in treatment still adorn the walls of staff offices, hallways, and other areas of campus. Even after she completed the treatment program, every spring, she created works for Arts in the Garden, and every fall she was thrilled to participate in the Georgia Artists with Disabilities exhibit.

“Sally loved her art classes at Skyland Trail and her instructors,” said Paul, Sally’s brother who served as her caregiver with his wife, Judy. “It gave her a sense of family. It made Sally realize that she was not alone. It helped instill a sense of confidence in her.”

When Sally passed away in 2013 at the age of 71, Skyland Trail hosted a celebration of life event to honor her life and legacy, which included heartfelt words from counselors and staff who were privileged to have known her.

“It was lovely, and meant so very much to our entire family,” says Judy. “It was beautiful.”

For Paul and Judy, choosing to give back to Skyland Trail just made sense. “We believe in what Skyland Trail is doing for their clients and their families,” says Paul. “Mental illness can be a lonely disease that’s difficult to understand. Skyland Trail offers love, hope, and compassion. Skyland Trail helped Sally and our family so much that we continue to support them through charitable giving. We can only hope that more families and individuals choose to support this great organization that has been such an incredible part of our lives.”