Kwynn & Chris Everest

An All Encompassing Path to Mental Health

We learned about Skyland Trail through good friends when we first moved to Atlanta just over 4 years ago. Chris and I wanted to get involved with a few non-profit organizations when we moved here, and Skyland Trail really spoke to us.

We have watched family members and close friends struggle with various mental health and addiction hurdles, and having a facility like Skyland Trail, here in our own backyard, really resonated with us. We believe that Skyland Trail does an amazing job of meeting clients where they are on their journey and preparing them for a life to the fullest when they leave.

Not only does Skyland Trail provide an all encompassing path to mental health, they are helping educate and lead ground breaking research and discussions around mental wellness.

During this pandemic, we feel it’s even more important to financially support Skyland Trail. Whether it be loss of jobs, sick family members, or reduced social interactions- COVID-19 has taken a toll on mental health, especially in our young adult communities.

With young children of our own, we as parents want our girls to know it’s normal to talk about mental health. We also want to model giving back – through volunteering and charitable giving, so that organizations like Skyland Trail can thrive for generations to come.