Lauren T

I don’t have to live in chaos anymore.

For the last 10 years I had been in and out of treatment, but was not officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder until April 2017. I was very resistant to medication and seeing a therapist consistently. I would see someone for a while, take medication for a while, get to a good place, and then say, “Ok. I’m fixed. I’m good. I don’t need this anymore.”

lauren t alumni story

“I don’t have to live in chaos anymore.”

In October 2016, my best friend died from a heroin overdose. I was homeless three days after that. When I finally did get into a place of my own, I was severely depressed and was trying to deal with a lot of overwhelming emotions. My substance use went off the charts. My parents came to me, and my mom said she was scared she was going to be planning my funeral. I told her that I needed help, and we started looking. We found Skyland Trail

I really love this place. Skyland Trail has really changed my life. Just a year ago, I think I could have ended up dead. I was homeless. I had been in jail before. Now, I have hope that my life doesn’t have to look like that. I don’t have to live in chaos anymore. I have a routine now. I know that it’s OK to have heavy emotions, and I know how to handle them now. I know that I can’t use drugs and alcohol anymore, and that I don’t need them to feel better or to be ok.

Thank you to everyone in the Skyland Trail community. You’ve made a big difference in my life, and I know that it’s not just me. When you see clients walking around campus with our bookbags going to groups, getting better, and finding hope, you help make that possible. So thank you.