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Lisa N

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the financial assistance that afforded me an opportunity for a very different and meaningful life.

My name is Lisa. I’m from Northwest Ohio; I’m 52 years old; and I formerly was a bank department manager.

I have been depressed most of my life, beginning in early childhood. My father left us when my mother was pregnant with my brother. She was sick a lot with debilitating headaches, so I traded my childhood for adulthood at age 9. I have been pushing ahead at Mach 3 speed ever since, while burying every single fear and emotion I had.

While counseling kept me alive, it didn’t give me any tools to improve. Most nights I would plead for God to “just take me.” I couldn’t see any future except blackness and more excruciating pain.

I worked for a publicly traded company that wanted to know not “what have you done for me lately,” but “what have you done for me today.” Stressed out of my mind by work, I also worried about my son, who is plagued by depression, anxiety, and substance abuse

Then my brother passed away from alcoholism at 42. That was the catalyst, the fork in the road. There was no longer any room to shove my feelings down. I had to choose whether I was going to live or die.

Using what strength I had left, my first step was to accept that I needed to take time off of work and try to get well. I researched facilities on the Internet and came across Skyland trail. Holistic, nutrition, evidence-based, pastoral care, treatment team – sounded perfect.

As my husband and I considered the costs, the facts were daunting. Our savings had recently taken a big hit, we were supporting my deceased brother’s twin daughters, as well as financially supporting my son during his bouts of depression.

Because of the financial aid program, I was able to come to Skyland Trail and transform my life.

I came determined to get well, and Skyland Trail delivered, beyond my expectations. Yes, I am fully aware that I have only begun the process; but I take back with me an entire toolkit that I can easily access, as well as strong, well-thought-out plans of how to anticipate and successfully navigate my mental illness issues.

I am so proud of myself and appreciative of everyone at Skyland Trail. I see the future way beyond tomorrow, and instead of being completely black, it is sunny with a warm breeze (no humidity). I am excited to continue to find my authentic self, and live with joy and excited anticipation of what the next day brings.