Lisa & William Bridges

We enthusiastically support Skyland Trail because we recognize that its staff and professionals provide the best in modern day mental health care, delivered with respect, and tailored to each individual client. There is a explosion of need in our country. This has been prompted by awareness in the medical field generally, by changes in our society, and by personal choices and circumstances.

William and Lisa Bridges

William & Lisa Bridges

Thankfully there is an equally large advancement in our understanding of the human brain, and how to address and treat and maintain its health!  Through our involvement at Skyland Trail, William and I have learned that none of us escapes the possibility of a mental health crisis in our own lives or that of a loved one. We believe that ST blesses our community by enlightening us with an ever-broadened understanding of what it means to be mentally fit; we all benefit from the work done there. 

– Lisa Bridges, Advisory Board Member