Olivia & Zach Wall

Most people do not receive mental healthcare at an early age; many families still consider conversations about mental health taboo, embarrassing, or even shameful. Yet, you would be hard pressed to find a family on your street that doesn’t have a mental health challenge in their own home or within their extended families. For such a common tale, a universal story, it’s amazing how isolated individuals who are experiencing depression or anxiety often feel.

Zach and Olivia Wall, Skyland Trail Donors

Zach & Olivia Wall

I didn’t realize it as a child, but my experience with early talk therapy and mental healthcare was unusual. I’m so grateful for this early exposure and foundation; while it did not guarantee a smooth path, it did provide tools and strategies to use along the way when the path became rocky.

Zach and I came to Skyland Trail through our friend, Carrie Lanier, who invited me to one of Skyland’s incredible Lunch and Learn sessions. During that program, I was blown away by the expertise, cutting-edge treatments, and remarkable level of care provided at Skyland Trail. The chief medical officer spoke with such a deep level of knowledge and passion – about difficult subjects such as the effects of early substance use on the brain – without attaching judgement to the conversation. We knew immediately that we wanted to get more involved through financial support and advocacy throughout our community.

Because of organizations like Skyland Trail, the mental health landscape has improved immensely since my childhood, but we still have miles to go. Skyland is building an ecosystem of trust and wellness across the Southeast and beyond. It’s a safe haven for those who are struggling, and an advocate for clients and their families working to navigate life’s storms. Skyland provides clients the critical skills needed to move forward with confidence and power over their own lives. What better gift can you give?

– Olivia Wall, Advisory Board Member