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I Wanted to Be a Part of Removing Stigma

How did you get involved with Skyland Trail?

I became involved with Skyland Trail after a dear friend invited me to attend one of the first Spring luncheons a few years ago.  Dr. Kotwicki spoke, and I was so moved by what Skyland Trail was accomplishing in the lives of so many people. I was drawn in from the beginning and joined the Associates that day. 

You are very active in the community. What makes your involvement with Skyland Trail so special?

Skyland Trail has always had a special place in my heart. Depression and anxiety have touched my family personally and I wanted to be a part of removing the stigma so often associated with mental illness. There are so many wonderful causes in the Atlanta community, but Skyland Trail is in the business of transforming lives. I can not imagine anything more worthwhile than that.

How would you describe the Associates Luncheon to someone who has never attended? What makes it a great event?

The Associates Luncheon is a wonderful afternoon – a chance to enjoy being with friends and learn more about Skyland Trail. It is intimate and interesting – the perfect way to kick off spring!