Patty Reid

We All Need More Laughter

How did you get involved with Skyland Trail?

A friend invited me to Benefits of Laughter. I knew Mark West, who was board chair at the time, and his wife, Betsy, but I didn’t know what actually happened at Skyland Trail. Benefits of Laughter is a wonderfully organized event. The event educates by telling the story of a client – which is moving to the uninformed person like me who was just coming with a friend – but also entertains. We all need more laughter in our lives.  After learning more at Benefits of Laughter, I subsequently became a patron of that event. As I met the staff and heard more stories about how people were being helped, I became more and more interested and involved.

Can you describe your experience serving on the Financial Aid Committee?

My experience on the committee has been wonderful. We hear from people who have been beneficiaries of the financial assistance program and what a difference it has made to them.  The financial aid program made it possible for those individuals to come to Skyland Trail and get the help they needed to recover. Their outcomes are amazing. While always inspired by the clients, I also continue to be impressed by the caring and dedicated Skyland Trail staff who work hard to help as many people as we possibly can with the funds available.

What opportunities do you see for Skyland Trail in the future?

Atlanta is so lucky to have Skyland Trail here. I think it is becoming a recognized leader, not just in the Atlanta community but throughout the country. People are seeing Skyland Trail as a place that’s doing so much good and so much right. As Skyland Trail increasingly becomes a resource and a model in the mental health field, I am excited about the potential for Skyland Trail to enable more people to live happier lives.