Pennie and Dan Walden

Pennie and Dan Walden recently designated Skyland Trail as a beneficiary of their estate plans. The Waldens have been supporters of Skyland Trail for many years and provided the funding to build the Twelve-Step deck at Skyland Trail North residential campus. Read more in their words below.

Giving Through a Donor Advised Fund

Pennie and Dan Walden

“Skyland Trail is included in our estate plans because of our personal knowledge of the recovery that takes place there. We also wanted to honor Libba Shortridge, who has put her heart and soul into her role as horticultural therapist. Libba has shared many inspiring stories of her work with clients, and she never stops thinking of ways to help others express themselves through nature.

We have supported several charitable organizations during our lifetimes. Designating beneficiaries of our estate allows us to help these same organizations in a bigger way while also ensuring that we can maintain financial security during our retirement years.

One of the things we would suggest to those thinking about estate planning is to consider using a donor advised fund. There are many good ones out there. By using a donor advised fund, you can make changes without having to change your will. The fund keeps your letter of instruction on file, and if you decide to modify it, you simply send them a new letter.

We can’t see into the future, but for those individuals who will be seeking treatment at Skyland Trail, as well as for those who will be guiding their recovery journeys, we hope that there will be sufficient funding for them to pursue those dreams, and see those dreams become reality.”