Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy is a strong supporter of the financial aid program, which enables families in the community to help families of those enrolled at Skyland Trail through need-based scholarships.

A Focus on Healing

sarah kennedy donor testimonial

What is the impact of the financial aid program on Skyland Trail families?  

The recovery process can be a very stressful time for the entire family. The financial aid program allows families to focus on togetherness, positive energy and healing within the supportive community of Skyland Trail.

Why do you invest in Skyland Trail families through the financial aid program?  

I was so impressed when first learning about the remarkable work and dedication of Skyland Trail’s professional team and volunteers and the impressive rate of success. I wanted to help. I am a passionate believer in the healing process and the hopeful future that Skyland Trail offers to clients and their families.

What role do you see for the financial aid program over the next 25 years?  

In an increasingly complex and stressful world, the financial aid program will continue to play a critical role in assuring that those in need can fully participate in a support program that offers recovery and leads to lives filled with purpose.