Ty Smith

Supporting a Breakthrough to Brighter Days

“I support Skyland Trail, and it is included in my annual and estate charitable giving for three reasons: the mission, how the organization leads in this space, and the incredible impact it has on lives. I always held Skyland Trail in high regard having worked with countless nonprofits in my work career, but it wasn’t until I actually had family members and relatives struggle with these issues that it became very real for me.

man looking at camera
Ty Smith, Skyland Trail board member

To see the anguish and despair these families face trying to find support for their loved ones is truly difficult. As Skyland Trail works with these families to support their specific mental health care needs, you start to see the light come back in their eyes as they start to understand that there actually is help for the challenge that lies ahead. To see the individuals and families get the treatment they need to cope with and manage these issues, and ultimately breakthrough to brighter days as they work to get their lives back, is incredibly rewarding.”