Tricia and Maurice Rosenbaum

“Laughter really is the best medicine, and in this case, laughter introduced us to Skyland Trail.  Benefits of Laughter has been an event we look forward to each fall.  I felt very fortunate to know about Skyland Trail when a relative called who needed help.

man and woman couple smiling at camera
Tricia and Maurice Rosenbaum

While our relative was at Skyland Trail, we saw how much she enjoyed the art classes, team sports and living in the residential hall.  This really hit home when I got a phone call about a minor arm injury. When I arrived, I learned that, yes, her arm was a little painful and swollen, but the main excitement was that she had helped on an impromptu volleyball team. It totally overshadowed the injury!  Although she had a very short sport’s career, having a place to go, to be accepted, and to discuss issues of one’s mental illness in an accepting community was instrumental her recovery.

My family member graduated from Skyland Trail many years ago; however, our family stays connected to the Skyland Trail community. As a volunteer on the financial aid committee, I have learned about both the broad community support for Skyland Trail and the enormous need for financial aid. This need is one of many reasons my husband and I make Skyland Trail a top priority in our annual giving. Making a gift to Skyland Trail has always been an easy decision for us, especially after knowing someone who benefited so much from the treatment provided there.

Today, our daughter is also volunteering and giving to help Skyland Trail through the young adult group, Trailblazers.  Unfortunately, this younger generation has seen the effect of anxiety and depression among friends in their age group. With the rise in suicide rates, the result of untreated mental illness has hit home for so many on high school and college campuses. Social media, too, is increasing awareness of mental health issues with this younger generation.  As young people like our daughter learn more about Skyland Trail, they are inspired to support this wonderful resource in our community. Through all these efforts, my family’s collective hope is that others who need help will be able to find healing, recovery and acceptance at Skyland Trail.”