Xander K.

In the past, I believed I could never make a life for myself that I could be content with. Coming to Skyland was probably the best thing I could have done for my mental health. Never before have I been a part of such a validating and supportive community. Everyone here showed me it is possible to find spaces that make me feel welcome and accepted.

From my first day in core group, I could tell DBT was going to be extremely helpful for me. The moment it really clicked was in the emotional regulation module during my first week. I learned that all emotions are valid, although some may not be justified. Some emotions don’t fit the facts, and when it doesn’t fit the facts, you use “opposite action” or do the opposite action urge that your emotion is telling you to do. I realized that in an important relationship in my life, the love I was feeling did not fit the facts. This was a turning point in my treatment as from then on I fully put my all into the program. I was taught the skills I had been waiting for, from regulating my emotions, to radical acceptance, to interpersonal effectiveness. Now my level of independence has progressed far past what I thought I could achieve.

I have graduated from Skyland Trail and I have an entirely new outlook on life. I only allow equal and healthy relationships in my life. I moved into Skyland’s Transitional Living program and I’ve been living there for a month, something I never thought possible for me. I am looking to find a college I can attend, another thing I thought was out of my reach. Before I could barely dial a phone without having a panic attack. Skyland gave me the tools I needed to manage my anxiety so that independence is achievable for me and manage my depression so that I have the motivation to take care of myself.

Recovery is a lifelong process and I will always thank Skyland Trail for helping me on my way.