Beth C. Jones Memorial Pickleball Tournament

Inaugural Beth C. Jones Pickleball Memorial Pickleball Tournament

Logo and wordmarks for the 2024 Beth C. Jones Memorial Pickleball Tournament

Saturday, January 20, 2024
2:00–5:00 p.m.

Atlanta Pickleball Center
1359 Ellsworth Blvd NW, Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30318


Participation supports the evidence-based mental health treatment programs for adolescents and adults at Skyland Trail.


We are seeking community sponsors to help support the event. Sponsorship can include on-site promotional opportunities as well as visibility across Skyland Trail digital and social channels and print publications.


Pam McAdams, Director of Events

Remembering Beth Jones

Beth Jones was an ardent supporter of mental health causes and understood the importance of advancing the mission of Skyland Trail for the Atlanta community through volunteering and philanthropy. Ms. Jones served 15 years on the Skyland Trail Board of Directors and 11 years as a Board Emeritus.

She volunteered to chair the very first Benefits of Laughter in 1998. The event has since become the annual signature fundraising event for Skyland Trail, raising more than $18 million to support financial aid awards for qualifying clients and families. In 2003, Beth became a founding member of the Skyland Trail Associates, a group of women volunteers who help advance our mission through events and community involvement.

Ms. Jones passed away on December 28, 2022.

A photo of Beth Finnerty, Skyland Trail President & CEO (Left) with Beth C. Jones (right)

A photo of Beth Finnerty, Skyland Trail President & CEO (left) with Beth C. Jones (right)

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