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Daily Mindfulness Apps

February 17, 2016

Catherine Berry, LMSW
Primary Counselor, Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Practicing mindfulness meditation daily helps increase awareness of emotions, boost impulse control and reduce stress.

Smartphone apps are one of the most easily accessible ways to maintain a daily practice. Here are two of my favorites:

Headspace app was co-founded by a former Buddhist monk and is a simple introduction to mindfulness meditation. It is a great way to unwind in 10-minute daily meditation exercises. The app also includes a buddy system feature to help you stay motivated.

Stop, Breath & Think app allows you to check in with yourself about your current emotions and body sensations and then suggests tailored meditation exercises to help practice mindfulness and compassion. It offers “prizes” as motivation to practice.

This article appeared in the 2015 issue of our Journeys Magazine.