As a psychiatrist, I feel reassured and fortunate to have Skyland Trail as a resource for some of my most challenging patients. For nearly 15 years I have referred patients, knowing they were going to receive state-of-the-art treatment along with compassionate care.

– Dr. Brian Teliho, Atlanta Center for TMS

Admissions Criteria

Criteria for admission to the psychiatric residential treatment and day treatment programs at Skyland Trail

Clients are admitted to the mental health residential treatment and day treatment programs at Skyland Trail voluntarily on referral from a mental health professional or organization. We also welcome self and family referrals. Admissions counselors are readily available to answer your questions about how Skyland Trail can help you, your client or your loved one.

In addition to the applicant's commitment to participate positively and fully in treatment, the following eligibility criteria apply:

Exclusionary Criteria

Skyland Trail is a voluntary, unlocked facility, and our clients must be willing and able to participate in group activities. Skyland Trail does not accept applicants with one or more of the following diagnoses or symptoms:

  • Significant cognitive impairment (Alzheimer's, dementia, mental retardation, organic disorder)
  • A primary diagnosis of substance abuse, eating disorder or some personality disorders
  • Substance abuse requiring medical detoxification
  • Current suicidal or homicidal behavior
  • Recent or ongoing violent behavior
  • Eating disorder requiring medical attention

Please note that Skyland Trail does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

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Is our program right for you?

Our mental health residential treatment program is recommended when clients are:

  • experiencing their first episode of psychosis or mental illness
  • discharging from an inpatient psychiatric hospital
  • at high risk of impulsive suicide attempts
  • having significant difficulty with medication adherence
  • unable to attend treatment independently due to symptoms
  • unable to engage in treatment while living at home (for example: the home is unsafe due to violence or drug use)

Our psychiatric day treatment program often is recommended when:

  • traditional outpatient care is not successful
  • clients are likely to adhere to medications and fully participate in treatment
  • clients have a lower risk of impulsive suicide attempts

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Admissions Team

Admissions Team

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