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If you're not open to changing and committing to the therapy, Skyland Trail will not work. But with dedication and a willingness to change, you can achieve amazing things here.

– Thomas M., former Skyland Trail client

Admissions Process

Skyland Trail accepts referrals from professional and non-professional sources to our psychiatric residential and day treatment programs. While professionals are an important referral source, we welcome family and self-referrals as well.

Information Call

Call us to discuss your needs and our program. Our foremost goal is to assure that Skyland Trail is a good fit and that we offer the level of care you need. Potential clients need to demonstrate that they will be actively engaged in their recovery process. Treatment is successful only when clients commit to making  positive changes in their lives by taking prescribed medication, participating in individual and group therapy and practicing new skills and behaviors.

Contact Us

Financial Review

If, after an initial conversation with our admissions team, you decide you would like to learn more about potential admission to Skyland Trail, we will schedule a call with our finance department. Because every client and situation is unique, Skyland Trail provides up-front financial counseling for each client and family. A number of private insurance companies cover Skyland Trail services; however, as with other health treatment, insurance does not typically cover the entire cost of the program or the recommended length of stay for a full recovery. If you and our financial counselor determine that adequate resources are available for you or your loved one to benefit from treatment at Skyland Trail, we will schedule an assessment interview.

Visit Our Campus

Our treatment programs, staff and campus are truly unique. We find that prospective clients and families who visit and tour our facility are able to address their concerns and feel confident in their understanding of Skyland Trail. Although not required, we strongly encourage you to call our admissions team to schedule a tour of our facility. You are welcome to request a tour at any point in the admissions process.

Accommodations Nearby

Assessment Interview

The next step in the admissions process is for the applicant to have an assessment interview on our campus or over the phone with one of our admissions counselors. If an individual is hospitalized we may be able to send our mobile admissions counselor to the hospital to complete the assessment. The interview lasts approximately 1–2 hours and is typically one-on-one. We will ask questions about the applicant's physical and mental health history, current symptoms, use of alcohol or drugs, previous treatment outcomes, etc. Following the assessment interview, our treatment team determines whether the applicant is appropriate for treatment and recommends an initial level of care.

Insurance Precertification

For clients using insurance to cover at least a  portion of treatment costs, our Admissions team will work with your insurance provider before admission to establish medical necessity as a prerequisite for accessing your benefits. Skyland Trail only conducts pre-certification for insurance plans with which Skyland Trail is in-network.

Insurance Information


Each situation is unique, but once a decision is made, accepted clients can potentially begin treatment within 48 hours. In some cases, meeting all requirements may take one to two weeks. To expedite the process, we ask that you complete these forms in advance and bring them with you to your admissions appointment.

Admissions Forms

After admission, clients may participate in a comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessment to gather information about educational, social, and everyday functioning, which will inform their treatment and recovery plans. We will consider your diagnosis from your current provider and, with your permission, will seek input from family, current therapists, psychiatrists and other health providers.

What to Bring

Process Summary

  1. Call Us
    We'll answer your questions about Skyland Trail. We'll invite you to schedule a tour.
  2. Financial Counseling
    Speak to our financial counselor about insurance coverage and payment options.
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  3. Admissions Assessment
    A one-on-one, 1-2 hour interview on our campus or by phone. Mobile assessment may be available for individuals hospitalized locally.
  4. Welcome
    Depending on occupancy and requirements, accepted clients can begin treatment in as little as 48 hours.