2022 Journeys Magazine

Letter from the President

For many, the pandemic highlighted the importance of social connections, of relationships, of community. For me, I have been struck by how much of Skyland Trail's work is centered on building community. As we have moved from remote and virtual back to in-person and on-campus, the power of community is palpable.

Clients who have felt alone for years - maybe for a lifetime - find community at Skyland Trail. They are surrounded by peers with similar backgrounds and challenges. Because being vulnerable and sharing experiences is met with understanding and compassion, many clients “open up” in a new way that allows them to heal.

Parents and families, too, find community through our family education and support services. They learn from families who are a few steps further along the path to recovery, and, as their loved one moves through treatment, they are able to “give back,” sharing their gained insight with newer families.

We are so grateful to welcome donors, friends, and sponsors into our community as well. Their financial support helps us open the doors to many families with financial barriers to treatment. And their commitment to changing the conversation about mental health in their schools, businesses, and neighborhoods makes an incredible impact on removing other barriers to treatment, like shame, fear, and misunderstanding.

This 2022 Journeys Magazine includes stories from clients, families, and supporters. From different places, on their own unique journeys, they all found community here.

Thank you for being a part of our healing community.


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Beth Finnerty
President & CEO

DID YOU KNOW? Research has demonstrated a link between social relationships and many different aspects of health and wellness. Poor social support has been linked to depression and loneliness and has been shown to alter brain function and increase the risk of alcohol use, cardiovascular disease, depression, and suicide.