Skyland Trail Announces Marjorie West Wynne Art Fellowship

On December 12, 2019, the Skyland Trail Board of Directors issued a resolution creating the Marjorie West Wynne Art Fellowship in honor of the dedication and passion of longtime board member Marjorie West Wynne. This newly established fellowship will be awarded annually to a current or graduating client of Skyland Trail who demonstrates creativity and an interest in art as an outlet for mental health and wellbeing. The award provides financial support for one individual to further their skills and passion through continuing art education.

The first recipient of the award, a current Skyland Trail client, was announced in December and will use the fellowship award to pursue their interest in ceramics by enrolling in ceramics classes in the community after graduating from Skyland Trail’s evidence-based treatment program.

Marjorie West Wynne, the daughter of Skyland Trail founder Charles B. West, served as a Board Member from 2000 through 2019 and as Chair of the Financial Aid Committee from 2006 through 2019. Her commitment to Skyland Trail and her passion for art and art therapy have helped improve the lives of thousands of individuals with mental illness.

Art therapy is the clinical application of art and psychology as a vehicle for communication, healing, and growth. Self-expression through the arts engages the creative process, helps clients gain insight, and fosters a sense of well-being. For many individuals, emotions and feelings can be difficult to discuss. Art therapy provides an avenue to help clients struggling with mental illness to better express themselves and process their emotions in a safe environment.

Art therapy is one of the many expressive and adjunctive therapies that Skyland Trail offers to adult and adolescent clients enrolled in residential mental health treatment and day treatment programs as part of a holistic, whole-person approach to wellness. Clients are matched with a tailored mix of evidence-based and supportive therapies to help them move forward in their recovery.

Programs like the Marjorie West Wynne Art Fellowship are made possible by generous charitable gifts from the community. Skyland Trail is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.