The Extended Skyland Trail Family

“It is both an honor and pleasure to be part of the extended Skyland Trail family.

lori f alumni family story

I have been volunteering and participating with Skyland Trail’s Family Orientation and STEP program for three years. As a STEP participant, I have an opportunity to share and learn about mental health treatments, research and recovery options. As a speaker at Orientation, I have the good fortune to meet, share experiences and learn from those whose struggles and dreams I understand.

As a mental health family advocate in the Atlanta community, my involvement and partnership with Skyland Trail provides me with tools which are helpful personally and professionally. 

It is Skyland Trail’s commitment to individualized treatment and community involvement, their staff and leaders’ dedication to advocacy and awareness of mental health issues and recovery options, that I respect and admire so much.

If I could paint a picture that reflects my summary of Skyland Trail, it would be a picture which combines fine detail, color and space…and when viewed from a healthy distance, evokes a feeling of mindfulness, appreciation and hope.”