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Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association Welcomes Skyland Trail Chief Medical Officer as New President

June 20, 2017

Atlanta, GA – Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association recently announced Skyland Trail chief medical officer Ray Kotwicki, MD, MPH, as president, effective June 2017.

The Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association (GPPA) is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association. The organization is composed of 700 psychiatrists who collectively work together to ensure humane care and effective treatment are provided for all persons with a mental illness. GPPA members provide professional support through high-quality continuing medical education opportunities and personal support through networking and social engagements.

“I am proud to be affiliated with such an inclusive organization, and I welcome the opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with such a diverse array of professionals and thereby expand our association’s reach and influence,” Dr. Kotwicki states. “Together, my hope and priority is to maximize and de-stigmatize community mental health care by conveying to every community the respect and inclusion every human being needs and deserves.”

For over 28 years, Skyland Trail has inspired people with mental illness to thrive through a holistic program of evidence-based psychiatric treatment, integrated medical care, research and education. Partnership with GPPA helps further Skyland Trail’s mission to continue to move forward and meet the needs of the community.