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Skyland Trail Horticultural Therapist Receives National Service Award

September 11, 2017

Atlanta, GA - The American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) recently named Skyland Trail horticultural therapist Libba Shortridge, HTR, MLA, as the Rhea McCandlis Professional Service Award recipient. The award was presented at the AHTA Annual Conference on September 7, 2017.

The AHTA promotes and advances the profession of horticultural therapy as a therapeutic intervention and rehabilitative medium. Each year, the association sponsors an annual awards program that recognizes the contributions of individuals and organizations for their outstanding performance in the field.

The Rhea McCandlis Professional Service Award is one of the seven awards presented at the AHTA Annual Conference in the fall and is given to an AHTA member for their significant contribution in the field of horticultural therapy.

"Libba is much deserving of this award as she has worked hard to promote the field of horticultural therapy,” remarked Ranita Keener chairman of the AHTA review board.  “Libba has developed many great programs in horticultural therapy over her career and has assisted others in growing their programs.”