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Hunter Co-Publishes Book for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees

February 05, 2018

Atlanta, GA – Dr. Ben Hunter, Skyland Trail psychiatrist and medical director of outpatient services, is the co-author of Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction: Tools for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees, published December 19, 2017.

In Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction, the authors discuss the integration of mental health in the workplace. The book helps fill in the gaps in critical workplace dynamics. It also helps both management and psychiatry understand critical interpersonal issues that undermine mental health and productivity.

Hunter is one of ten authors of Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction. Other contributing authors include: Andrew O. Brown, MD; Christopher Thomas Flinton, MD; Brian L. Grant, MD; Duane Hagen, MD; Barbara Long, MD, PhD; Daven Morrison, MD; Jerrold M. Post, MD; Sean Sassano-Higgins, MD; and Len Sperry, MD, PhD.