Family Therapy

Family Therapy for Families of Clients in Adult Mental Health Treatment Programs

Clients who come to Skyland Trail are committing to challenging work.  Recovery is a complex process of learning, practicing, stretching and building trust and confidence. Families of clients also have hard work ahead.  When caring for a person struggling with mental illness, the family system can be severely affected.  Families are often exhausted, anxious, frustrated and very concerned by the time they reach Skyland Trail.  Family roles have become confusing, and family members often don't know how to best support a loved one's recovery.

Family therapy is the opportunity for the family system to make essential adjustments that will help sustain a client’s recovery.  Working with the family therapist, the family can start to resolve issues that have become complicated while managing the overwhelming impact of mental illness. Families also find ways to adjust to support every family member’s health.

Family therapy can take place in many ways. Sometimes one or two sessions can provide the needed support for reorganizing the system.  Other times, family therapy sessions are needed for an extended time. Family therapy sessions often include all of the family members but can focus on individual members or key relationships within the family system. Family therapy is flexible so that it can meet every family’s specific needs.

Family members outside of Atlanta may participate in family therapy through online video conferencing.

Family Therapy at Skyland Trail

Skyland Trail's Family Psychologist Dr. Carlyle Bruce explains the importance of Family Therapy in a client's recovery.