grateful families

Families Helping Families

We encourage families of Skyland Trail graduates to stay connected with our community. There are many ways to give back and support families at an earlier stage of their recovery journey.

A Gift to Our Annual Fund

Gifts to our annual fund from grateful families help:

  • families benefit from our financial aid program
  • families participate in the STEP program free of charge
  • alumni clients stay connected through the Alumni program at no charge
  • enhance therapeutic programs

Consider recognizing the efforts of a loved one or Skyland Trail team member with a gift in their honor.

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Alumni Family Endowed Scholarship

The Alumni Family Endowed Scholarship was established in 2020 by families of Skyland Trail graduates. This endowment will exist in perpetuity and provides critical financial assistance to eligible patients, helping to ensure that future generations have access to quality mental health services for years to come.  Donations in any amount are welcome throughout the year from Grateful Families.

Other Ways Alumni Families Can Help

Write a Letter

Can you write a letter about your family's experience at Skyland Trail? We might share it as a testimonial with other families, board members and donors. We might also pull quotes from it to share on our website or social media. If you're comfortable using your name that's fine, or we can attribute your letter to "an alumni family." We are committed to protecting your privacy.

Post a Review

Consider posting an online review about your experience. Online reviews can significantly influence treatment decisions. Sharing your experience might help other families determine if Skyland Trail might be the right program for their loved one. Popular review sites include: googleyahoo, and yelp.

Speak at STEP

Skyland Trail hosts weekly Support, Training, and Education Program events for current and alumni families in our adult mental health treatment programs. If you are interested in serving as a resource for client families in this way, please let us know.

Serve as a Reference

Some families considering treatment at Skyland Trail ask to speak with an alumni family for a first-hand perspective. If you would be willing to receive occasional calls from prospective client families, we will share your interest with our admissions team.

Please contact Laura Danze if you are interested in any of these opportunities to help.

Meet Our Grateful Families

Learn what motivates families of Skyland Trail graduates to make gifts to our annual campaign or include Skyland Trail in their planned giving.

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Carrie S.

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