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Many families of loved ones with mental illness are in places of doubt and uncertainty, lacking confidence in the future and its many encouraging possibilities. After Kyle graduated, we committed to help Skyland Trail shine a light for those families and help them along their own paths to recovery.

– Roland Behm, a Skyland Trail Grateful Family member

Grateful Families

Grateful families believe that recovery from mental illness is possible. They believe in the power of “families helping families,” and their actions show others that they are not alone. 

You can make a difference by sharing your experiences of hope and healing. There are many opportunities for alumni client families to stay connected with the Skyland Trail community and support those who are currently in treatment. 

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Family Services Coordinator

Elizabeth Alexander

Meet our Family Services Coordinator:
Elizabeth Alexander

Ways You Can Stay Connected

  • Follow us on social media: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Participate in STEP: Did you know alumni families can continue to participate in STEP, our weekly family education and support group, free of charge? If you find yourself in need of extra support, stop by and join us.

    STEP Program

Ways You Can Help

  • Write a letter. Can you write a letter about your family's experience at Skyland Trail? We might share it as a testimonial with other families, board members and donors. We might also pull quotes from it to share on our website or social media. If you're comfortable using your name that's fine, or we can attribute your letter to "an alumni family." We are committed to protecting your privacy. Address your letter to Elizabeth Alexander.
  • Post a review: Consider posting an online review about your experience. Online reviews can significantly influence treatment decisions. Sharing your experience might help other families determine if Skyland Trail might be the right program for their loved one. Popular review sites include: google, yahoo, and yelp.
  • Speak at Family Orientation: Skyland Trail hosts Family Orientation each month. A highlight of the day for many families is the opportunity to hear from an alumni family member and ask questions. If you are interested in serving as a resource for new client families in this way, contact Elizabeth Alexander, director of the Grateful Families program.
  • Serve as a reference: Some families considering treatment at Skyland Trail ask to speak with an alumni family for a first-hand perspective. If you would be willing to receive occasional calls from prospective client families, we will share your interest with our admissions team. Please contact Elizabeth Alexander.
  • Recognize their efforts with a gift to our annual fund: Recovery is hard work. Recognize the efforts of a loved one or Skyland Trail team member with a gift in their honor. Gifts to our annual fund help families benefit from our financial aid program.


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