Accurate diagnoses are the essential first steps in the recovery process. It helps us match our clients with an appropriate recovery plan, a specialized team of professionals and the most effective medications. An appropriate diagnosis also helps clients and their families better understand their thoughts and behaviors.

Skyland Trail specializes in the treatment of adults diagnosed with:

Who We Treat

2015 Diagnoses confirmed at admissionWe treat adults ages 18 and older with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. In 2015,  75% of clients had 3 or more co-occurring diagnoses – including anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, and personality disorders – in addition to a mood or thought disorder.
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On Our Blog: Expert Insight

Coming to Terms with Mental Illness
Learn more about three categories of mental illnesses treated at Skyland Trail from chief medical officer Dr. Ray Kotwicki.
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Holistic Path to Wellness

Skyland Trail, we build a recovery program around a person, not a diagnosis. The impact of living with a mental illness goes far beyond a set of clinical symptoms. We treat the whole person in addition to the brain.

As a unique mental health community, we provide a safe and nurturing place to recover. Through our holistic and integrated program, clients are given the opportunity to solidify an effective medication strategy, learn coping mechanisms, practice independent living skills, set goals for work and relationships, develop outlets for creative expression, explore their spirituality, and improve physical fitness and nutrition.

While each of our clients determines his or her own recovery goals, our overarching goal for all clients is that they leave Skyland Trail better equipped to live in the world.