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Social Integration

The Social Integration recovery community works with individuals who have a sustained history of psychiatric illness but whose symptoms are mostly under control. Some may have ongoing chronic symptoms and need to find ways to live with those symptoms while maximizing functionality and independence in the community. Our Social Integration clients are focused on socialization, returning to work or school, and maintaining health and independent living.

What is Social Integration?

Our Social Integration experts help clients address social, life skills and emotional issues that develop as a result of prolonged time living with mental illness. Social Integration helps clients put the pieces of their life back together – healthy relationships, independent living skills, and contributing as a student, employee or volunteer.

Activities for clients in our Social Integration recovery community take place largely off-campus in the community. Our experienced counselors lead community-based experiential activities so that challenges like eating out, accessing transportation or grocery shopping can be addressed in "real time." Clients encourage and provide feedback to one another, under direction and guidance of expert professionals.

Housing, Home Visits, & Vocational Services

Some Social Integration clients may also participate in our Transitional Living program. Through Transitional Living, clients live independently in a duplex or apartment and receive in-home visits from our Independence Coach, who monitors clients for treatment adherence and relapse, and challenges them to continue making progress in social relationships, functionality, quality of living and overall health.

If working toward returning to school or work, the unique Vocational Services program at Skyland Trail may also benefit our Social Integration clients. Vocational counselors work with clients on developing resumes and interviewing skills, identifying potential career directions, or applying for college. Some may also work with our Supported Vocational Services counselor to find a job placement with a partnering community employer. Job coaches may be invaluable in providing on-site support and encouragement.

Treatment Works

Graduates of Skyland Trail have developed a set of daily living and social skills to help them sustain recovery and succeed in the community in the most independent setting that meets each individual client's needs. They are familiar with community resources and social venues that they can access as needed. We connect clients with professionals in the community to provide ongoing support and counseling. Many graduates continue to participate in the Life Enrichment Adult Program (LEAP) at Skyland Trail as a way to continue to build relationships and practice skills.

Listen: About the Social Integration Program

About Social Integration

Lead Counselor Lisette Infante explains the Social Integration Program at Skyland Trail.
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