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I attribute Wes's growth to his time at Skyland Trail. Nothing else was working, but he began to turn his life around slowly but surely after his time there. I'm very grateful.

– parent of a former Skyland Trail client

Why Skyland Trail

Recovery for Individuals

A unique mental health community, we provide a safe and nurturing place to recover. Through our holistic and integrated program, clients have the opportunity to:

  • solidify an effective medication strategy
  • achieve clarity about their identity
  • learn strategies to regulate emotions
  • practice independent living skills
  • set goals for work and relationships
  • strengthen communication skills
  • explore healthy leisure activities
  • improve physical wellness and nutrition

While each of our clients determines his or her own recovery goals, our overarching goal for all clients is that they leave Skyland Trail equipped to live in the world.

Treatment Philosophy

Recovery for Families

We believe families (including relations, spouses, partners, and other important friends) are integral to our clients' recovery process. We also know from experience that families need to recover too. Mental illness places an incredible strain on families and relationships. We offer many opportunities for families to not only support their loved one's recovery, but to work toward the healing and recovery of the family system as well.

As part of our unique, holistic approach to recovery, we offer many valuable services and programs for our families, including:

Family Services