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The Skyland Trail Experience

Our adult clients describe what treatment at Skyland Trail was like for them.

Our Clients

Lauren P and anxiety

Lauren P

I always knew what mental illness was, what it looked like and how it affected others by virtue of my family’s history of depression and bipolar disorder.  In my…

victor b playing saxophone

Victor B

“…[Skyland Trail] truly pushed my limits and made me into a much stronger and wiser person than I was three months ago.” When I came…

Ziggy K

Ziggy K

“The only reason I have the life I have now is because of what I learned at Skyland Trail.”

Cole M talks about moms who support recovery

Cole M

“When I was in the hospital in Florida, I decided I didn’t want to be there and was going to leave. I called my mom…

Sarah R learned DBT and CBT skills to feel better

Sarah R

My name is Sarah. I’m 36 years old and I would not be here without the help of Skyland Trail and financial aid. “My name…

lauren t alumni story

Lauren T

For the last 10 years I had been in and out of treatment, but was not officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder until April 2017. I…

Jenny M

Jenny M

Jenny found a healthy future through her work in treatment at Skyland Trail.

Melody M

Melody M

In the fall of 2008, I experienced my first acute manic episode and, quickly thereafter, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My mania had paved…

Rachel W

I have experienced anxiety all of my life. It started out small, then grew after some trauma. I started therapy my senior year in high…

Our Families

Woman looking at camera


“My loved one was at her lowest point ever when she admitted herself to Skyland Trail… She couldn’t seem to find interest in anything prior…

Thankful for Today

By Renee: When my son was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2016, I began looking for answers. They were hard to find. After extensive research, however,…

a black and white photo of a smiling family

Skyland Trail Helps Family Along Mental Health Journey

My name is Kerri, and I am happy to share my stepson Quentin’s journey with mental health and the impact that Skyland Trail has had…

an image of a mother and father standing on either sides of their son

Adolescent Parent Gives Back with Employer Matching Gift

When my teenage son began to struggle with his mental health, we had a difficult time locating a residential treatment center that provided private bedrooms…

A Question of Access

David and Ellen’s daughter, Devi, graduated from the Skyland Trail adult day treatment program six years ago. Devi, a mother, teacher, artist, and leader in…

Silhouette of family at dusk on the beach

Grateful Parents

We are parents of a Skyland Trail adolescent graduate.  Although going through this experience with our daughter was traumatic, exhausting, scary and just plain awful,…

couple warming feet by fireplace

Peace, Happiness, Kindness and Grace

Wife of a Skyland Trail adult program graduate A few years ago, my husband was willing to put his entire life aside, question everything he…


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