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Recovery Happens Here

Learn more about client stories and patient experiences.

The Skyland Trail Experience

Our adult clients describe what treatment at Skyland Trail was like for them.

Our Clients

Jenny M

Jenny M

Jenny found a healthy future through her work in treatment at Skyland Trail.

Melody M

Melody M

In the fall of 2008, I experienced my first acute manic episode and, quickly thereafter, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My mania had paved…

Rachel W

I have experienced anxiety all of my life. It started out small, then grew after some trauma. I started therapy my senior year in high…

denice f alumni story

Denice F

In early September, any strengthening qualities I had were almost snuffed out by my unhealthy thoughts and actions by someone who I thought loved and…

lisa n alumni story

Lisa N

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the financial assistance that afforded me an opportunity for a very different and meaningful life. My…

Lizzie S

Lizzie S

I had been miserable for the past 20 years. I didn’t know who I was, and I never was given the space to figure that out.  For…

denny a

Denny A

“Skyland Trail has empowered me with a sense of ability and strengths I never realized I had. I now know how to be mindful or…

Tony W

Tony W

Tony took a few months away from his job as a nonprofit executive to learn skills to manage his mood disorder and substance use challenges.

Brandon B

Brandon B

“I have seen dramatic changes in my mood and my outlook on life and the future. My attitude is much more positive and I’m a…

Our Families

Mac and Anne S.

“She was very highly functioning… but mentally she was not well. She desperately needed help… but she seemed just fine on the outside.” Mac &…

portrait of Nanette, a smiling black woman with locks


Recovery isn’t a linear process. It’s a journey with ups and downs, setbacks and successes, a journey that works out best when you’re surrounded by…

Paul and Judy Faletti, a grateful family

Judy and Paul Faletti

A few clients who entered treatment in the early days became a part of the history of Skyland Trail. One of our first clients expressed…

Patrick and Tracey M.

Patrick and Tracey M.

Over six years, our daughter Amanda received treatment at numerous programs as a result of mental health issues including six suicide attempts. We approached each…

Family Testimonial: Nita and Angie

A Family’s Story of Hope

“All of a sudden, I could tell. I know when he isn’t himself,” says Angie W. about her younger brother. “He wanted to stay home.…

Sara C.

My Son, Tommy Skyland Trail gave my son back to me. It’s as simple as that. At age 21, Tommy had a mental health crisis…

Nell R

Nell R

Nell’s son received treatment at Skyland Trail in 2018. Financial aid helped her son fully engage in treatment and helped her family heal. Dear Skyland…


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