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Vocational Services Program

The Vocational Services Program at Skyland Trail supports adults with mental illness who want to pursue competitive employment, volunteer positions, and internships or continue their education. The Vocational Services program also is offered as a stand-alone program for adults with mental illness in the community.

Group-based training sessions focus on building skills and learning the expectations of employers and volunteer supervisors. Individual sessions with our vocational counselors help clients develop a portfolio, including resume preparation, letter development, online job searches and applications, "dress for success" tips, as well as problem-solving in all phases of seeking and obtaining employment.

Watch Video: Vocational Services at Skyland Trail

Employment & Educational Services Coordiantor, Matthew Collins explains the Vocational Services Program at Skyland Trail. 
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Work Adjustment Program

Through the Work Adjustment program, clients can be in volunteer or paid positions on the Skyland Trail campus. Here, clients' employment skills and work habits are evaluated by the staff and the client before the client considers a community work or volunteer position.

Success Story

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Supported Employment

The goal of our Supported Employment Program is to ensure the success of a client's job position, as well as positive working partnerships with community employers. A client may receive on-the-job coaching sessions, and our employment specialist may go to the job site to talk with the employer to make accommodations for job performance improvement.

Clients entering the program receive an initial assessment to determine their skill level and career or educational interests. Then, through classes, computer training and one-on-one sessions, clients get help learning job skills and building their portfolio to begin moving forward. After several months of successful Supported Employment, many clients move on to more challenging or specialized jobs in the community. 

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