Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Psychiatric Diagnostic & Assessment Service for Adults

A correct and detailed psychiatric diagnosis improves treatment success.  Whether receiving an initial diagnosis or clarifying a previous one, assessment clients receive a comprehensive, consumer-friendly report – a roadmap for effective treatment at Skyland Trail or through another mental health service provider. A formal assessment summary and treatment options are presented in both written and verbal formats to the client and his or her family by a Skyland Trail psychiatrist.

Skyland Trail clinicians have expertise in diagnosing psychotic spectrum disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders. In addition to clarifying a primary diagnosis, psychological assessment can uncover strengths that can be leveraged in the recovery process as well as underlying challenges that need to be addressed - such as a learning disability or an age-related cognitive impairment – for treatment to be successful.

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Assessment Scheduling

Typically, the standard assessment process takes place over a 3 to 6 week period, beginning with the client’s first visit and ending with the presentation of the summary report. The client will need to be available for a total of 3 to 5 days.

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The process requires additional days for receiving laboratory results and compiling detailed reports. All included services are conducted at Skyland Trail in Atlanta, GA. With the exception of the pre-interview, assessments cannot be completed by phone or video conference.

All Diagnostic Psychiatric Assessments Include:

  • Pre-interview and Psychosocial Assessment: A Skyland Trail counselor will conduct in-person or phone interviews with both the client and family. This will help determine if a comprehensive assessment is appropriate, as well as gather information on treatment history, symptoms, substance use/abuse, and family/ social history. Records from other providers are very helpful in the assessment process.
  • Complete history and physical examination: in The Glenn Family Wellness Clinic at Skyland Trail. Potential medical causes of psychiatric symptoms will be explored, and indicators of physical health will be assessed during this examination.
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing: in The Glenn Family Wellness Clinic at Skyland Trail
    • Blood and urine analyses, including CBCP with differential, CMP, metabolic panel, Free T4, RPR, HIV test, UA, UDS, Vitamin D, ppD, serum fractionated cannabinoid levels (as indicated) , pregnancy test (for women), B12/Folate levels
    • Additional tests based on history, including serum synthetic cannabinoid levels, medication levels (lithium, tricyclic antidepressants), EKG, SLE antibody, rheumatoid factor, CRP, serum hormone levels
  • Psychological Assessment: with our family psychologist for diagnostic clarity, cognitive function assessment, testing of effort, and other standardized, normed tests.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: assessment/interview with a Skyland Trail psychiatrist
  • Summary Presentation of results: a Skyland Trail psychiatrist will discuss the results of the assessment with the client and family. The summary report will include recommended next steps, such as specific interventions and referrals to specialized professionals.

Psychiatric Assessment Costs

An estimate of fees and timing for completion are provided prior to initiation of assessments. Please note that this service is not covered by insurance providers. Clients may be referred for additional testing, for example, head imaging, a sleep study, electro-encephalogram (EEG) or individualized laboratory and medical testing. If recommended, these additional services are not included in the Skyland Trail fee and will be billed separately by a third party provider.