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Adjunctive Therapies

Our adjunctive therapies – horticultural, art, music, recreation, and social enrichment – are acclaimed as breakthroughs in engaging clients in recovery. Led by caring professionals who are experts in their fields, adjunctive group sessions help clients find new ways to express their thoughts and emotions, learn new skills, build confidence, and interact with their peers and the community.

Some clients may be not be ready, willing or even able to express their thoughts and feelings verbally. For these clients, adjunctive therapies, that encourage expression through movement, music or hands-on activities with clay, wood, plants or stones, can help open doors to the process of sharing and communication.

For all clients, adjunctive sessions provide a break from talk therapy and an opportunity to focus on something besides mental illness. In addition to hands-on activities on campus, many adjunctive sessions involve projects in the community, helping clients understand their ability to contribute to society in positive ways.

Clients in our residential and day treatment programs participate in group adjunctive therapy sessions as part of their weekly schedule of clinically structured activities.

Horticultural Therapy

Skyland Trail campuses are built around gardens. Clients have opportunities to work with our horticultural therapist in our greenhouse and in our many healing gardens. In addition to caring for plants, clients use natural materials to build zen gardens, fairy homes, balancing stones, and other projects that provide opportunities to practice mindfulness while expressing their creativity.

Horticultural & Nature Therapy

“Nature is your best friend and a genuine mirror,” says Libba Shortridge, MLA, HTR, horticultural therapist at Skyland Trail.

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Art Therapy

Our art therapists engage clients in both process art and product art therapy sessions. In process art sessions, our clients are encouraged to express their inner feelings, thoughts, memories, and beliefs through art. In product art sessions, clients can exercise their creativity while working with ceramics, wood, paper, textiles and other media.

Art Therapy

"Often clients are in a place where it’s often difficult, if not impossible to put words to what they are thinking, feeling, have experienced and still need to learn. The art room is a place where they can come and express themselves free of judgment - a place that is beyond words,” says Helen Goldberg, art therapist.

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Music Therapy

Music therapy uses breathing, rhythm and "Brain Gym" movement exercises to encourage expression of emotions through activities such as drumming and guided imagery. Singing, playing instruments, song writing and performance preparation are vehicles for creative activity and socialization. Performance opportunities occur at Arts in the Garden, holiday parties, talent shows and events with volunteer leaders and donors.

Music Therapy

A client expressed gratitude for Jeff Barnes, music specialist, with these words: "Jeff is an inspiring person to learn from and to be around. He represents how music might not necessarily provide a cure to someone's mental illness, but at least it gives someone a glimpse of light through darkness or a moment of joy. Thanks, Jeff, for keeping Skyland musical, hopeful and joyous."
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Recreation & Leisure Therapy

Our recreational therapists lead a wide array of fitness and leisure activities that contribute to self-esteem, social confidence and physical well being. Group sessions in our gym and fitness facility include yoga, structured exercise and team sports like basketball and volleyball. Other activities take place in the community and introduce clients to healthy leisure experiences.

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Social Enrichment Therapy

Interest in new friendships, activities and social engagement is a major milestone in recovery. While social enrichment takes place through all our adjunctive therapy sessions, we offer the Life Enrichment Adult Program to expand opportunities for clients to form relationships, learn skills and cultivate hobbies and interests. LEAP activities take place on evening and weekends, outside of the weekly schedule of clinically structured activities.

Social Enrichment & Recreational Therapy

"When a person is experiencing a mental illness, often the attention to self and wellbeing falls by the wayside. In recreational therapy, we work to identify things that the clients did when they were healthy that helped them feel pleasure, comfort or satisfaction," says Shelley Danser, CTRS, coordinator of adjunctive therapies, Skyland Trail.
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