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Recovery Happens Here

Learn more about client stories and patient experiences.

The Skyland Trail Experience

Our adult clients describe what treatment at Skyland Trail was like for them.

Our Clients

Katie S

Katie S

An Orchid Who Survived the Storm All my life, I have felt like an orchid in a field of daisies. The daisies were tougher, more…

Nikki J

Nikki J

Nikki came to Skyland Trail after a series of suicide attempts. At Skyland Trail, Nikki received an appropriate clinical diagnosis and evidence-based treatment and found…

Andrea F alumni story

Andrea F

When Andrea came to Skyland Trail, she was in a deep depression; she was hopeless. “After several hospitalizations, Skyland Trail was my last hope,” says…

aina i alumni story

Aina I

My name is Aina, and this is my story. Growing up in my community, we ignored behaviors and people seen as “crazy.” Without nuance, anyone with an…

Kari S alumni story

Kari S

A Place to Start I took a surfing lesson this morning. I also took one back in 2008. The two lessons could not have been more…

Tara B talks about struggle with depression

Tara B

Four years after graduating from Skyland Trail, Tara shares how the skills she learned helped her establish independence and thrive. This spring of 2018, Arts…

Chad H Day Treatment for Anxiety

Chad H

Learning to Live in the Moment “Fishing was among the first things I learned how to do with my father,” reflects Chad H. “And now when…

Melissa C and anxiety

Melissa C

I’m 27 years old. I have struggled for most of my adult life with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety. Despite working in the field…

Lauren P and anxiety

Lauren P

I always knew what mental illness was, what it looked like and how it affected others by virtue of my family’s history of depression and bipolar disorder.  In my…

Our Families

Family Testimonial: Nita and Angie

A Family’s Story of Hope

“All of a sudden, I could tell. I know when he isn’t himself,” says Angie W. about her younger brother. “He wanted to stay home.…

Sara C.

My Son, Tommy Skyland Trail gave my son back to me. It’s as simple as that. At age 21, Tommy had a mental health crisis…

Nell R

Nell R

Nell’s son received treatment at Skyland Trail in 2018. Financial aid helped her son fully engage in treatment and helped her family heal. Dear Skyland…

James and Beth S

The Gift of a Future with Our Daughter Like many of the families who have been treated at Skyland Trail, we were surprised and unprepared…

Sue B helped her granddaughter find residential psychiatric treatment

Susan B

The Search for Hope I entered the mental health morass as the result of helping my daughter and her husband find a treatment program for…

Rob and Janine B are grateful for progress their daughter made in mental health treatment

Rob and Janine B

Skyland Trail was our family’s last resort to help our youngest daughter. We felt like we had tried everything and we did not know where…

Moving Forward by Giving Back

Anjali’s father died from suicide when she was 8 years old. Forced to grow up quickly, Anjali became her mother’s helper and cared for her…


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