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Pastoral Counseling

Interfaith Pastoral Counseling is part of the holistic approach to recovery at Skyland Trail, playing an important part in addressing a client’s spiritual needs alongside programs focused on mental and physical health. The program integrates spirituality into clients' treatment and helps clients find the spiritual practices that work best for them during their recovery. 

Some clients may benefit from familiar religious approaches like prayer or studying written texts, while others may find healing in creative writing or meditative exercises. The following pastoral counseling services are available to our residential and non-residential clients:

  • Individual sessions with our pastoral counselor to assist clients with spiritual concerns related to their mental illness
  • Group sessions exploring the role of spirituality in recovery from mental illness
  • Meditative exercises drawing from a variety of faith traditions (Labyrinth exercises, meditation, mindfulness, and creation of meditative aids)
  • Loss and grief groups focusing on the process of grief

Our pastoral counselor is an integrated member of our clinical treatment team of psychiatrists and therapists, with experience in pastoral care in medical and mental health settings.

Watch Video: Pastoral Counseling at Skyland Trail

Pastoral Counselor, Sarah Collins explains the Pastoral Counseling Program at Skyland Trail. 
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