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Where expert psychiatric care meets a holistic path to wellness.

This powerful mix is what makes Skyland Trail a different kind of mental health solution. 

Skyland Trail helps our clients grow, recover and reclaim their lives through both symptom management and the development of new skills and perspectives.  

A unique psychiatric residential and day treatment program, we offer longer lengths of stay, giving our clients the time and space they need to recover, and a tailored mix of evidence-based and supportive therapies to help each client find his or her own unique path to wellness.

Our clients gain insight and confidence from our caring and expert physicians and counselors, from interactions with their peers, and through experiential hands-on activities.

Treatment Philosophy at Skyland Trail

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ray Kotwicki, explains the treatment philosophy at Skyland Trail.

Treatment Philosophy

Integrated, Holistic Approach

Our integrated mental, medical, and social model helps clients develop strategies to improve mental health, physical wellness, independence, and relationships with family and friends.

Unique therapies offered include music, art and horticultural therapy, vocational services, primary care services, family therapy, and healthy living and nutrition coaching.

While each client works with a dedicated psychiatrist and primary counselor over the course of treatment, each client receives help and guidance from a multidisciplinary team of caring experts. 

Clinical team members share information about each client in weekly discussions. Is her nutrition and physical health improving? How is he responding to the new medication? Is he socializing effectively with his peers? Has she been interested and engaged in art or music therapy?  The team is able to evaluate the needs and progress of the whole person. Together, the team agrees on the best treatment approach, and then, individually, each counselor can consistently incorporate that approach into their interactions with the client.

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Recovery Stories

Hear recovery stories from three Skyland Trail graduates and see how our treatment program helps change lives and improve futures.

Client Stories

Focus on Recovery

For 26 years, we have helped our clients and families recover from mental illness. Our client-centric approach begins by identifying personal recovery goals. Clients develop an individualized recovery plan that serves as a roadmap for where they want to be at the end of their treatment and what they need to do to get there. Goals include reducing the clinical symptoms of mental illness, but also improving physical health, independent living skills, and social relationships.

Client Testimonial: Andrea's Journey

"After several hospitalizations, Skyland Trail was my last hope. If I was going to survive, this was going to be the place that did it, because I felt like I had done everything else." Hear Andrea's story of discovering skills, hope, and a better future.

Andrea's Story

Not One-Size-Fits-All

Clients are assigned to a specialized treatment team, schedule, and peer support group based on their diagnoses, symptoms, and self-defined goals. In addition to receiving care from specialized professionals, this individualized approach allows clients to be part of a consistent peer group, kind of like a "homeroom," where they can build trust and support one another. Specialized teams include:


Outcomes data from 2007 through 2016 confirm that our unique approach to recovery works. People who come to Skyland Trail return to their communities with improved skills to pursue more independent and productive lives.

When patients begin treatment, we measure their symptom severity, attitude toward medication adherence, hope for the future, and level of functioning. We measure those indicators again when they complete their treatment. In 2013 we began longitudinal assessments, measuring how our patients sustain recovery up to two years after discharge. Results from these assessments continue to show statistically and clinically significant improvement for our patients on many levels.

2016 Clinical Outcomes Data

Outcomes Report: 2016

Read our 2016 Outcomes Report to learn how patients experienced significant improvements in symptoms and functionality.

2016 Outcomes Report

Continuum of Care

Our continuum of care offers programs and services for clients at different stages of recovery. Residential treatment is our most intensive level of care. When clinically appropriate, some clients may admit directly to day treatment. Our outpatient services currently include outpatient DBT therapy and DBT skills groups, vocational services, and primary care services at the Glenn Family Wellness Clinic.

Continuum of Care

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