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Alumni Families Share Their Stories with Mental Health Professionals

October 27, 2016

Earlier this fall, 30 mental health professionals and education consultants from around the country attended 2016 Professionals’ Weekend at Skyland Trail. In addition to educational sessions, guests had the opportunity to hear from Skyland Trail alumni and alumni families as they shared their stories of recovery. In the audio clip below, Chris Cline, our vice president of clinical services, leads a panel discussion of alumni families. 

“Our daughter came to Skyland Trail on March 24, 2016 and graduated from the program the first week of June. She lives in California now and is doing phenomenal. And that because Skyland Trail heard us, they listened, she got the help she needed and now she can be the productive woman working on her masters that she was before all of this happened,” alumni mother Jocelyn King says. 

“Skyland Trail helped our son plot a path that he could walk. They helped lay the ground work and he did the work. I’ll never stop being proud of him,” alumni family member Tim Merritt explains.

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