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The Skyland Trail Experience

Our adult clients describe what treatment at Skyland Trail was like for them.

Our Clients

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Ben T.

Ben T. is a graduate of the Skyland Trail adult residential treatment program. He shares his treatment experience for psychosis and dual diagnosis.

smiling young adult woman seated, Atlas


Atlas, graduate of the Skyland Trail adolescent program, shares her story in the 2023 issue of Journeys Magazine My anxiety has kind of always been…

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Nate’s story appears in the 2023 issue of Journeys Magazine. Nate’s Story: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal “My experience at Skyland Trail presented me…

a portrait photo of Carol Z, Skyland Trail adult program graduate

Carol Z.

My name is Carol. I’m 21 years old. I grew up in a rather neglectful and abusive household, so I’ve been struggling with anxiety my…

a portrait photo of Alaina D., a graduate of the Skyland Trail adult treatment program.

Alaina D.

I got (to Skyland Trail) after a pretty extensive hospital stay. I was not looking forward to doing anything or being here at all. And…

Colby W.

One of the things that a lot of people ask is, “What led you to Skyland Trail?” It’s never as simple as one thing. It…



So Many Parts of Me Were Addressed and Celebrated “When my insurance coverage ended, I knew I still had more work to do. But financially,…

a selfie of a Skyland Trail adult residential program graduate

Experiencing the “Skyland Trail Magic”

My name is James. I was diagnosed with severe depression a little over a decade ago, and this, my second major episode, began near the…

handmade journal from art therapy showing the words begin and hope with art

At times I felt like superwoman…

I grew up in a family and community where mental health was not talked about or accepted as a real illness. The common sentiment towards…

Our Families

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Ginny & Mark

Waking Up and Enjoying a Day “Thank you Skyland Trail and all who work and volunteer to support these wonderful people who so desperately need…

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Today My Son is Thriving “I hope that this scholarship will provide families with some measure of relief from the burden of the cost of…

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Mother & Son Conversation

Wonderful Days Ahead A mom and her young adult son talk about his experience at Skyland Trail and the progress he’s made since completing the…

Cameron and Josh

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but Josh and I feel very strongly that our daughter’s time spent at Skyland Trail literally saved her…

Carrie S parent of a Skyland Trail graduate

Carrie S.

Financial Assistance Saves Lives In the summer of 2019, my son (age 23) had a series of events that catapulted into a full blown panic…

Chris and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Chris

We Are Forever Grateful Every family faces challenges. Members of a family supporting a loved one with mental health issues face a unique set of…

photo of Meredith L

Meredith L

Remarkable Progress in a Relatively Short Time “To make the jump from the outpatient psychological and psychiatric care – that wasn’t working – to Skyland…