5 Important Facts about Mental Health Therapy

1.    You don’t have to be sick.

The journey of self-awareness and self-exploration is lifelong, and is beneficial for anyone. Therapy can deepen this experience and bring about the insight to improve relationships and overall well-being. 

2.  Therapy will not “fix you.”

You are not broken. The purpose of therapy is to help you build a more solid sense of purpose and direction. This may or may not include drastic transition. We assist with changing perspective and maladaptive behavior, not changing who you are as a person.

professional mental health counseling

The purpose of therapy is to help you build a more solid sense of purpose and direction.

3.   Therapy is not about giving advice.

The therapist’s role is not to steer you in a specific direction or to help you make a “correct decision.” Instead, it is to align with you and understand what you want to change.  We help you keep your values, desires and goals in mind as you move through life. This often involves challenging you when you stray from the path you’ve identified as a life worth living, but never to tell you what to do.

4.   Therapy is based on science.

Skyland Trail therapists are very skilled and understand techniques that have been proven to work. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but we combine our creative talent with evidence-based therapy to deliver the individualized treatment necessary for long-term recovery.

5.   Therapy can help you change your life.

Over time, engaging in therapy can help you make small but cumulative changes that can lead to real transformation. The worst thing you can do in recovery is focus too hard on the future and long-term outcomes. The most challenging feat in recovery is not doing so! When our clients begin to focus on “the now” and their more immediate goals, they build a foundation of health and well-being that lasts a lifetime.