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Nature as Healer

September 23, 2015

3 Fall Nature Craft Ideas
Libba Shortridge, HTR, MLA, Horticultural Therapist

  1. Grab a few tennis balls and a sharpie. Write words on the tennis balls that describes your POTENTIAL in recovery. Toss the balls into your yard, garden, or wooded area. Plant bulbs where the balls land. Anchor the tennis ball at that spot with a stake. Watch your potential grow.
  2. On a terra cotta pot, use a chalk paint pen to write a message around the rim of the pot. Write words that describe what it takes to grow (e.g. hope, courage, resilience). Put some loose gravel in the bottom of the pot and then potting soil. Plant paper white bulbs in the soil. Water and watch how nature grows with the right ingredients. This can also be done in a glass terrarium bowl (or cylinder). Write your messages of encouragement on smooth rocks and place the rocks in the bowl.
  3. Make a lap labyrinth using natural elements plentiful in fall, like acorn caps, fall berries, or small pieces of bark.