Community Highlight: Clifton Hughes Celebrates 20 Years with Skyland Trail

Originally from the Virgin Islands, Clifton came to Skyland Trail at 19. Clifton Hughes has worked with Skyland Trail’s horticultural team for 20 years. He has left an incredible impact on our campuses and our community.

Clifton works behind the scenes to help maintain and cultivate the beautiful and serene feeling on Skyland Trail’s grounds. He weeds, cares for shrubs and trees, plants and propagates flowers, etc. on all campuses and helps to keep the greenhouse clean and greenhouse plants watered and fertilized.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

My favorite part is all the different seasons and the constant renewal. Every season, like winter, summer, spring, and fall, teaches you to embrace change. It helps me to embrace change and renew also. It’s like a new breath of fresh air. Renewal.

What is your most memorable moment working at Skyland?

Well, I learn a lot and learning is part of the process too. And when I look at my work, I like to study and learn how to improve. I say, okay, I appreciate this is how I did it, and you know, next season I will look back and then keep going forward.