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The Brain in the Body: New research into the causes of mental illness

January 26, 2016
genes and stress diathesis model

What causes mental illnesses, nature or nurture? Short answer: both. Many mental illnesses are genetic. The most heritable is bipolar illness. About 80 percent of diagnosed individuals are born with the genes for bipolar illness. When you consider that some individuals born with the genes for bipolar disorder never develop symptoms, the role of environmental factors becomes clearer. We know two significant environmental factors…


6 Habits to Improve Mental Health

May 5, 2015
man sleeping 8 hours a night

1. Exercise Cardiovascular and strength training exercises help physical conditioning and also contribute to better mood and anxiety control. 2. Sleep Adults require as close to 8 hours of sleep per night as possible. Sleeping more than 9 hours can trigger depression in certain people, and less than 7 can contribute to mania in others. Sleep also is essential to learning. Instead of…