Staff Highlight: Carlyle Bruce, PhD

Learn more about Carlyle Bruce, Ph.D., Director of Psychological Services and family therapist at the Skyland Trail adult residential treatment program.

Carlyle Bruce, PhD, Family Psychologist
Carlyle Bruce, PhD
Director of Psychological Services

How long have you been at Skyland Trail? “I have been at Skyland for 10 years.”

What made you want to go into the mental health field? “I really enjoyed talking to others, and—though it might sound a bit cliché—I liked helping others also.”

What’s your favorite part about working at Skyland Trail? “Skyland Trail has afforded me the opportunity to focus on clinical areas that I really enjoy like family therapy. It has also been a bonus to work in a multidisciplinary environment with such a great team.”

What’s one way you practice self-care? “I like doing things with my hands, especially tasks involving tools including home and wood projects or even cooking. Other interests include photography and backpacking.”

What are some myths you’ve heard about therapy? “Families that I work with often have different experiences in therapy. While not so much a myth, some think of therapy as a focus on diagnoses and the individual in treatment. Once we begin therapy we can better understand how the family system impacts each individual family member.”

How do you think the field of mental health treatment has changed since you started practicing? “While much has stayed the same in regards to mental health treatment, one of the biggest shifts has been in the area of how therapy is delivered. From manualized approaches to teletherapy, how people access services has shifted. Along these lines has also been the role of social media to communicate about mental health issues and provide space for persons to connect with others who may have similar needs. There is a shifting public attitude and openness about mental health issues.”

What (or who) inspires you? “I am frequently inspired by people who give to others. Seeing acts of kindness or even self-sacrifice reminds me that this world is meaningless without each other.”

Favorite mantra or cheerleading statement? “‘I have a choice.”

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self? “Risk more!”

Family Therapy at Skyland Trail

Dr. Carlyle Bruce explains the importance of family therapy in a client’s recovery.