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Tips To Reduce Stress During This Holiday Season

November 26, 2013

Tips To Reduce Stress During This Holiday Season

Be Thankful

“Make a gratitude list” and say “thank you.”  When under stress, sit down and make a list of all the things and people you are grateful for.  If possible, call or write those you are grateful to and let them know of your gratitude.  Don’t forget to listen to their response. 

Eat Healthy

Eating properly can keep to reduce stress. 
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Enjoy the Weather

During the autumn and winter months, the sun lays low on the horizon.  The leaves fall as nature gracefully goes through its annual recovery stage.  The sun can then penetrate through the branches of trees and warm you.  Take advantage of this by standing outside on a sunny autumn or winter day.  Let the warmth of the low sun gently message your back. 

Find Peace

Meditate. Use breathing, relaxation and mindfulness skills. Take a walk either solo, or with pets. 

Think Positively

Smile. Be able to laugh at yourself. Practice positive self talk. 

Have a Plan

Make a daily schedule and stick with it. Prepare and rehearse a positive way to respond to a particular stressor. Get a healthy amount of quality sleep - neither too much nor too little.

-  Tips from the  Skyland Trail Clinical Team

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